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Lewis Franco: Songs and Lyrics

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Swingin’ in Daddyland by Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats

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Jackson always shied away from other folks
Worried he would be the butt of all the jokes
Then he met a gal who tried to coax
Him right out of his shell, well…
Then they had a son and he was on the go
Jackson took the little fella to and fro
Wonderful friends he got to know
All because of that sweet boy

He’s swingin’ in Daddyland
As only a Daddy can
Boppin’ around all over town
Holdin’ his laddie’s hand
Swingin’ in Daddyland
Don’t you know that had he planned
What his life would be about, it probably wouldn’t have played out
Quite like it did, thanks to the kid

Abercrombie had a bumpy road to the top
Pushed aside whoever tried to show him up
And man did he resent the half-empty cup
Sipped by someone else
“If you can be so cruel I don’t know how that you’ll sleep at night”
“There’s no insomnia” says Abercrombie to his delight
So begins a typical family fight
In the Abercrombie home

He’s swingin’ in Daddyland
But failing to understand
The needs of his spouse, and the rest of the house
He thinks he’s a one man band
Swingin’ in Daddyland
Would somebody tell that man
That it’s time to tune in and try listenin’
To what the other cats are playin’, here’s what I’m sayin’…

I’m gonna tell about one other fella, we’ll call him Gate
He was a roamer who couldn’t stay home or domesticate
He’d even leave his sweetie who would often berate
Gate’s gypsy lifestyle

While Gate was out of state his lady dropped the bomb
His little woman was gonna become an expectant mom
Gate was so excited he could not keep calm
He hurried home fast as he could

Now he’s swingin’ in Daddyland
Just like a nomad he’d planned
To ramble and roam, but now that he’s found his way home
He’s known as a family man
Swingin’ in Daddyland
Had he Alladin’s lamp
Whatever he might have wished for could never delight him more
Than his baby girl (what a wonderful world)

We’re swingin’ in Daddyland
Could anything be so grand
As being a dad, it ain’t just a fad
The tune never stops (Solid, Pops!)
We’re swingin’ in Daddyland

Title by Diana Winn Levine
Lyrics & Music by Lewis Franco