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Lewis Franco: Songs and Lyrics

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Honey Days

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(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats)
Well he don’t like peas, no he’s no dummy
but the neighbor’s cat likes ’em and it strikes his as funny
These are some of his ways
Hey there! Come here boy now hold tight Sonny
Hold still while I cut your fingernails Honey
These are honey days

Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth Honey
Don’t spit on your sister, okay you missed her
But Sonny, try to be careful
Where you’ll find yourself with a hot and bothered
Aggravated, irritated, impatient father
Is when you don’t listen to me
Or the advice I have to offer like, “Brush you teeth!”

Now let me tell ’em about your sister
She’s not gettin’ a lot of attention
So please, I only have two more verses… Curses!

In the summer she’s a swimmer all day non-stopper
Four months later she’s a skater on topper
These are just some of her ways
But now it’s goodnight sweet sonny and goodnight sweet daughter
Here’s five sweet kisses in a particular order
These are honey days

It’s hard to believe this time will pass, real as it seems
Hard to believe none of it stays
It’s sweet as the honey from the bee, messy as honey too
These are honey days