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Rebecca Rogers

January 1, 2011

My husband (Brad Reynolds) and I are friends of Rebecca (Franco) and Henry Chalmers and were turned on to your CD, Singin in Daddyland, with its initial release.

I re-discovered the CD very recently, and it has become our family’s new favorite. My two favorites are “Have you Looked” (I think it has saved my children in teaching me to find my patience) and “60 seconds got together” (it is teaching our five year old the relationship of units of time). My five year old’s favorite is “Little Boy from Boise” (I think because it normalizes his noisiness).

Thank you for turning out such great music. I was excited to see that a new CD is on the horizon. Can’t wait.

Donna O’Malley

January 6, 2008

I so proudly and happily gave my sister and brother your CD for Christmas… and you have been on my mind. I almost thought I might see you last night at Langdon St. Cafe’ — Swing Noire was there and I think they were inspired by some of the same music you are.

Anyway… love the website and the sweet dancing pictures of you and the family. I wrote down some dates I might grab a “date” and go do some more listnin’.


January 3, 2008

Really enjoyed your performance on the Green in Castleton, VT this past summer. I look forward to being able to hear you and the group Gross Domestic Products again soon. I live in Rutland. Will you be playing anywhere nearby (even Middlebury area)? Thanks. Carol

Richard S. Stern

December 2, 2007

Your new CD kicks tushie! You sure can play Swing 42!


November 28, 2007

My kids and I love your music. We were so bummed that we were out of town over Thanksgiving when you were at the Breman Museum. Hopefully we can catch you next time.
PS – We are friends with Ilise Cohen…she turned us onto your music.

Jake Bardack

November 24, 2007

Hi Lewis,
I love your CD so much I downloaded it to my iPod, I listen to it every night when I go to sleep, and in the car.
Thank you! Your cousin,
Jake Bardack (Lainie Alterman’s kid)

Beth Damon

November 23, 2007

Enjoyed the Bremen show this a.m. (Nov. 23, 2007)

Jonathan Rhoad

November 15, 2007

I just read the article about you in the Valley News dated 11/15/07. I wish that I could go to the performance tomorrow in Woodstock, but I have other plans. I will try to make a future performance.

Joanne Harrison

November 10, 2007

I heard you on Robert Resnick with the cats last weekend and loved it.

Jamie R. Balk

November 9, 2007

WOW – this is super.
Wish we were in town to join the fun.
It’s been too long!!
All the best,
Jamie Rinzler Balk


November 8, 2007

I listened to your new CD on my way to work today. WOW! I thought to myself, “Does he have any idea how good he is? I can’t wait to hear what he’s going to say next!” Jesse loves it,too– especially “Have You Looked.” She couldn’t stop smiling.

Love and all the best,

Sara and Robert Franco

November 6, 2007

Great website….can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving and then on stage in Atlanta.

rebecca franco chalmers

November 6, 2007

holy smolies, this is fantastic!

love you, becca

David Foster

November 4, 2007

Heard you and the Missing Cats on VPR’s “All the Traditions” today and loved it!! Best wishes for great success with your new album. Looking forward to the November concert in Woodstock.

Best Regards,
Dave Foster

Mary L Inman

October 23, 2007

Hi Lewis and family! It was nice to meet you at Annie’s this weekend. Annie and Addie sang me “Swinging in Daddyland” and I loved it! (Anne likes to sing, as does Addie. Not sure about Steve!) Hope to see you all soon!

Johnny & Barbie K

October 14, 2007

Yhahoo and whahoo, we love the brew you got goin’ here Lewis and fam. Just so ya know: “Living In Daddy Land” and “Home Grown” make us even more glad that we live in this beautiful state with you all. Signed: Friends of The Center for Sustainable Exuberance

Colin McCaffrey

October 13, 2007

Site looks great
Good job!
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