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Lewis Franco: Bio

Lewis Franco has been a fixture on the Vermont acoustic music scene for many years, entertaining audiences of all ages with clever and occasionally profound lyrics, delightfully tuneful melodies, and a fun-loving presence. Vermont Public Radio’s Robert Resnik calls Franco, “a brilliant songwriter – one of our very finest.” His music receives airplay on several radio stations including Vermont Public Radio, WNCS, WGDR, and WDEV (where his song “You Wouldn’t Have A Cowboy Without A Cow” became the theme song of Farmer Dave’s gubernatorial campaign). Franco’s national recognition is of a different sort. A long-time resident of Maple Corner, in Calais, Vermont, he appears with only his guitar as “Mr. January” in the famous Men of Maple Corner Calendar. He wrote the theme song for the calendar and performed it on NBC’s Today Show. Also, National Public Radio interviewed Franco for its weekend sports show, “Only a Game.” A 6-time Wifflefest Champion, his combination of Wiffle-Ball and musical talents are virtually unsurpassed. He currently performs as a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist with The Missing Cats – an acoustic jazz combo, with Will Patton (mandolin), Dono Schabner (guitar), and Justin Rose (upright bass). They do originals as well as gypsy swing and jive swing tunes from the 1930’s and 40’s, featuring close 3-part vocal rhythm harmonies and thrilling improvisation. He also performs with fiddler and singer-songwriter Susannah Blachly, and occasionally with “The Gross Domestic Products” (with Susannah Blachly, Colin McCaffrey, Matt Kaminsky, and Brendan Taylor). Franco’s most recent CD, “Swingin’ in Daddyland” features mostly original but classic-sounding swing tunes about family life. In his words, “It’s not just Pop music… it’s Mom and Pop music.”